The Cyclopal, no problem in waves and windy conditions. Powerful yet lightweight, the Cyclopal’s smooth propulsion system avoids the creation of air eddies thus allowing it to travel at a constant speed.


The Cyclopal allows for manoeuvrability against current and waves. Speeds attainable at cruising speed far exceed the industries norm.


Passenger’s position on the Cyclopal offers an unequalled comfort allowing an easier access and a confortable long ride.

Outdoor lovers and commercial entertaining centers have much to discover with the Cyclopal. To reinvent the pleasure of watercraft activities for all ages.


It was about time that your efforts become proportional to your speed.



Comfortable, stable and durable, the Cyclopal allows the user to achieve speed unattainable by conventional pedal boats… even when pedaling against the current.


Combining the comfort of our cushion seats design a pedal boat and the efficiency of a catamaran, a reduced surface area and a hydrodynamic profile, the Cyclopal surpasses the competition.


Extremely stable, you can easily stand on the boat and even move on the deck without risk.  Easy to maneuver even if there’s only one passager in board.


Easy assemble without specifics tools. Transportable with two people, the lunching into the water becomes really easy.

  • Unique stability, even when you are standing
  • Deck and shell in resistant composite
  • Rear bracket for the installation of the electric motor and 12V battery
  • Non-skid surface
  • Comfortable and easily adjustable seats
  • One hand adjustable
  • Central truck of 56 liters capacity
  • Double rudders for optimal control
  • Cupholders
  • Top speed – 10 kmh (6,2 mph)
  • Canadian manufacture
  • Few minutes assemble
  • Dimension : 156 inches long x 80 inches wide
  • Maximum capacity : 4 people (660 pounds / 300 kg)
  • Maximum capacity with luggage and motor : 700 pounds / 396 kg
  • Motor maximum capacity : Electric motor with 55 pounds propulsion  with 12 V battery(non-include)
  • Canadia compliance notice from Transport Canada
  • Shell material : Fiber glass composite
  • Mecanic material : Aluminium
  • Propulsion : two independent height blades wheels
  • 2 or 4 seats model
  • Retractable canopy top
  • Trailer
  • Easy storage canvas
  • Seats canvas
  • De Luxe seats (hard lear)
  • Regular seat (fiber glass)